Celebration Bookplates

Recognize someone special with Celebration Bookplates from the University Libraries. The ways to celebrate are limited only by your imagination. And, the more you give, the bigger the celebration!

Celebration Bookplates: Recognizing Milestone Moments and Lives Well Lived

Acknowledge important moments like graduations, retirements, or birthdays, or even pay tribute to the memory of someone dear to you through a donation to the University Libraries. 

How does it work?Celebration Bookplate Keepsake

Simply make your Celebration Bookplate gift of $100, $175, $300, $500, or $700, and the University Libraries will place a digital bookplate on the catalog listing for one, two, three, 10, or 15 titles, all in the field of study of your choice. Your Celebration Bookplate(s) will be a tribute for all to see for years to come. And, your honoree—or their family, in the case of a memorial—will receive a custom keepsake to remind them of your thoughtfulness.

And what's extra special is that as you commemorate a special person through Celebration Bookplates, your gift will help fuel the University Libraries' efforts to provide access to information and materials that all U of A students need for academic success.


Ready to celebrate? 

Simply choose your amount above to get the process started. 

You'll be taken to the donation page to answer questions about your gift and the person you're celebrating. 

Once you complete the donation page and make your gift, our office will immediately begin the process of placing the digital bookplates in the catalog. We'll then notify your recipient of your special tribute by sending them an exclusive keepsake with instructions on how to view the bookplate(s).


Have questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to check out the FAQs on the "Updates" tab above. You may also contact Kelli Nixon, Development Coordinator for the University Libraries, at (479) 575-6455 or knixon@uark.edu



Celebration Bookplates are subject to the policies and procedures of the University and the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas.

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