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Have a bright idea? How about a team to make it happen and a crowd ready to support your cause?

FundRAZOR, the official crowdfunding platform at the University of Arkansas, is designed to help faculty, staff and students raise money for innovative ideas and important initiatives on campus. Projects are created and promoted by U of A groups to fund everything from student scholarships and cutting-edge research to service trips and once-in-a-lifetime academic experiences.

This application will evaluate your project’s suitability for a 30-day crowdfunding campaign. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, but should be submitted at least 9 weeks before the desired start date of your 30-day campaign to allow ample time for approval, team training and content development.

Not sure if your project is a fit? Review these frequently asked questions or contact the Office of Annual Giving: or (479) 575-2280.

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Tell us about your project

Project Leader Affiliation:*

Project Leader Job Title or Class Year:*

College or Unit Affiliation(s):*

Have you informed your college or unit’s development/fundraising team about your project application?*

All applications will be routed for unit approval before a final decision is made.

What is the purpose of the project and how will it make a positive difference?*

Which of the U of A’s eight guiding priorities does your project support? Please select all that apply.*

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How much money do you hope to raise?*

Typical projects attract between $2,000-$8,000. Goals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What is the minimum amount the project needs to be successful?*

How will the funds be utilized?*

Please be as specific as possible when outlining project costs.

When do you propose to launch your 30-day FundRAZOR campaign?*

Start to finish, a successful crowdfunding project takes a minimum of 12 weeks.

Do you have a specific fundraising deadline?*

Please also include event dates or other timing considerations that will benefit your campaign.

In addition to your project leader, how many other team members will be actively involved with your crowdfunding project? Please list their names and email addresses below.*

Successful projects have a team of 4-7 members and as many ambassadors as possible!

Describe your target audience for this campaign (who will support your project) and social media reach (platforms used, number of followers).*

Please also include the number of personal contacts each team member can solicit via email.

Is your team prepared to develop compelling page content, videos, pictures, updates and other promotional materials during the 5-week quiet phase?*

After approval, teams will receive training and a comprehensive timeline and planning checklist.

How will you promote your project? Describe your marketing plan to engage your audience and build momentum throughout the 30-day campaign.*

Are you aware of any campus groups working on a similar project that could lend support to your campaign? If so, please list the groups involved and if you have plans to collaborate. Optional

After the fundraising campaign ends, the project starts! Is your team prepared to stay committed for the duration of the project and provide meaningful updates to donors along the way?*

Stewardship responsibilities and ideas will be discussed during team training.

Has a FundRAZOR campaign been completed for this project in the past?*

Does your group/project have an existing UA Foundation account into which funds can be deposited?*

We'll provide instructions if a new account is needed.

If so, please list the Foundation account name and number. Optional

Foundation account numbers begin with 3 and are 8 digits.

Is there any other information you want to share that will help us evaluate your team’s potential for a successful crowdfunding campaign? Optional

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