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Graduate and International Student Emergency Funds

Give now to provide crucial financial assistance to students facing unexpected emergencies!

Support International and Graduate Students in Need through Student Emergency Funds

Graduate and international students can be just one emergency or crisis away from having to drop out of school. The International Student Catastrophic Fund and The Needy Family Graduate Student Emergency Support Fund provide urgent and essential grants for students facing catastrophic situations that could cause them to completely withdraw from school. By giving to these funds, you can help students stay enrolled and on track to earn degrees that will forever change their lives.

Types of emergencies include: 

  • Unexpected medical expenses
  • Technology needs (e.g. broken or stolen laptop)
  • Transportation needs (e.g. flat tire)
  • Unexpected deaths in the family 
  • Other unforeseen expenses

Double your impact and give today! Mr. Bill and Dean Kim Needy - founders of the Needy Family Graduate Student Emergency Support Fund - have pledged to match the first $2,500 in donations to the graduate student fund, and GSIE Dean Ed Pohl and Dr. Tish Pohl have committed a $2,500 match for donations to the International Student Catastrophic Fund, a nationally recognized initiative. 

The average request amount is $500. Grant amounts are based on funds available, and currently average $250. We receive over 125 requests each year, but funds are limited. Your support will ensure that we are able to meet the needs of as many students as possible.

Your tax-deductible gift – of any size – will make an immediate impact. As soon as you complete your donation, the funds are available for a student in need. 

Needy Family Graduate Student Emergency Support Fund Impact

“This fund is critical to the success of our graduate students. Many of our graduate students are dependent upon their stipends to maintain their standard of living, and any extra expense – especially one that’s unexpected – is oftentimes difficult for them to handle and could cause them to drop out of school. Funds like the Needy Family Graduate Student Emergency Support Fund help more graduate students stay enrolled, earn degrees, and change their lives.”

-Ed Pohl, Dean of the Graduate School and International Education

International Education Catastrophic Fund Impact

Michael Freeman"Over the years that I have had the honor of being on the International Education Catastrophic Fund committee, I have seen that there are so many factors that can lead to a financial crisis.  We have students whose parent unexpectantly passed away, leaving the student with very few financial resources to complete their programs. We have students who are diagnosed with illnesses or fractures whose insurance only pays a portion of the extended medical expenses. We recently had a case of a student who had to bear the expenses to move out of her flooded apartment after the creek through Fayetteville overflowed its banks. Dental emergencies, car accidents, unexpected travel expenses, and the long-term economic effects of the pandemic and inflation cause students to turn to the catastrophic fund to help them make it through the semester.  The funds are limited, so not every request is funded.  Your financial contribution, no matter how small, can make it possible for a student to get the help they need to finish their degree." 

-Michael Freeman, Director of the Office of International Students and Scholars

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