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Our 2023 Giving Days have ended, but it's not too late to support students in the College of Engineering. You can visit the university's online giving site to make a gift today.

College of Engineering - Brewing Innovation

It Doesn't Cost a Lot... Just a Latte!

We have received 405 gifts so far totaling $81,711! Thank you to all our alumni and supporters!

The College of Engineering is Brewing Innovation

You can support the College of Engineering simply by giving up your latte and donating to support student scholarships!

Help us to collect a record-breaking 1,500 gifts in 48 hours!

Dean Kim Needy has pledged $5,000 for the department that has the largest percentage of first-time donors and an additional $5,000 for the department with the largest percentage of alumni participation!

If it sounds like we’re challenging our departments to a friendly competition: We are. 

Stay tuned to see which department will raise the most gifts by the highest percentage of alumni!

Donate $10 in lieu of your daily latte.

Donate $20.20 to mark the year Kim Needy became the first female dean!

Donate $30 to celebrate the 30 start-up companies created based on U of A engineering research since 1990.

Donate $44.72 to recognize the total number of enrolled engineering students in the Fall 2023.

Donate $70 in acknowledgement of the university's 70% graduation rate.

Our development team has secured matching gifts from alumni in each department to help DOUBLE your impact! Your gift of $10 becomes $20 - $50 becomes $100!

Gifts can be directed to the scholarship funds of the following areas - with special thanks to our generous matching donors!

  • Biological and Agricultural Engineering 
    • Thanks to an anonymous BENG alumni for a $5,000 matching gift!
  • Biomedical Engineering
    • Thank you to an anonymous alumni for a $1,000 matching gift!
  • Chemical Engineering
    • Thank you to Marji (BSCHE '91) and Jim McNeill for a $5,000 matching gift!
  • Civil Engineering
    • Thank you to Olsson for a $5,000 matching gift!
  • Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • Data Science Degree Program  
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Thank you to Gentry Professional Services for a matching $5,000 gift!
  • Industrial Engineering
    • Thank you to Bill Harrison, BSIE '66 for a $5,000 matching gift!
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Thank you to Chris Weiser, BSME '73 for a $5,000 matching gift!
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