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2023 Black Alumni Society Reunion Class Challenge

We've raised $9,826 from 30 gifts so far! Thank you to all our alumni and supporters!

2023 Black Alumni Society Reunion Class Challenge

The 2021 BAS Class Challenge Champions are the 90’s led by Class Captains: Latonya Foster, Danielle Williams, Erica Holliday, Lott and Terry Rolfe, Randy Coleman, Earnest Duckery, Angela Wilson, Shey Anderson, and Keith Britton. Congratulations to you all on an outstanding effort in helping BAS raise over $50,000 in scholarship donations. 

Will You Take the Challenge? 

Our 2023 reunion scholarship goal is $55,000. We're calling all Black Alumni near and far to "IGNITE YOUR WHY" and make a difference in the lives of our students. The Black Alumni Society invites our Alumni, Administrators, Faculty, Staff, Friends, and Corporate Partners to participate in the BAS Class Challenge. The competition starts now. Your class has until the Welcome Back Reception at the Holiday Inn on Friday, April 14, 2023, to raise funds and secure the Class Challenge Trophy for the 2023 Reunion. The Class Captains will be presented a trophy at the BAS Awards Soiree on Saturday, April 15th. 

Three Ways to Make a Difference

Are you ready? You can impact a BAS Scholar’s life and engage in a friendly class competition by selecting one, two or all three of the following giving opportunities: 

  1. BAS Challenge Scholarship 
  2. Black Alumni Society Individual Scholarships 
  3. Black Alumni Society Scholarship Endowment  

Challenge Scholarship

The Challenge Scholarship was created for the sole purpose of having an additional revenue stream to meet the needs of our students. Net funding from the BAS Reunions allows the society to continue to fulfill this promise to students. The Reunion sustains the Challenge scholarship fund for two years. The Reunion is biennial. The next Reunion is scheduled for April 12 – April 16, 2023.

U of A Class Gift Challenge (Calling all classes from 1950 – 2000’s)

By supporting the Challenge or any of the BAS Scholarships, we can adequately support our future leaders, who are our students for the next two years and beyond. U of A alumni and friends in the following classes can make a donation and list your donation under the Class Challenge. 

Your gift secures our students’ academic and financial future. Please make a gift by April 14th for this worthy cause. #igniteyourwhy #uarkbas

For the Students, to Ignite Your Why,

Synetra Hughes

Black Alumni Society President

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