ASG Alumni Society

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ASG Alumni Society

Join the ASG Alumni Society as they relaunch this year and focus on raising funds for a scholarship benefitting current ASG students.

The ASG Alumni Society invites our Alumni, Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and Friends to participate in the ASG Scholarship Fundraiser. Your gift, of any size, has a direct impact on ASG students. 


  • To bring together former members of ASG, and other friends of the University of Arkansas and our student government.
  • To work for the benefit and advancement of student government alumni, students, faculty, staff and community.


  • To foster communication among ASG alumni, former and present ASG students, faculty and friends through events and other activities.
  • To perpetuate and foster friendship and goodwill among our members.
  • To promote activities that would recognize the history, contributions and traditions of ASG at the University of Arkansas.
  • To act as a conduit for the interchange of dialogue between ASG alumni, present and former ASG students, faculty, friends and the University of Arkansas.
  • To foster the development and maintenance of current and future scholarships and other means for assisting University of Arkansas students in their education at the University of Arkansas.
  • To promote the professional development of ASG students through community events.

The ASG Alumni Society is an alumni program under the Arkansas Alumni Association and supports the association's mission of connecting and serving the University of Arkansas Family.

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