Celebration Bookplates

The more you give, the more you can celebrate! 

Choose the number of digital bookplates you'd like us to create. 

A gift of $100 will create one bookplate. $175 creates two bookplates; $300 creates five, and $500 creates 10 bookplates. A gift of $700 or more creates 15 digital bookplates! 

Each singular gift celebrates one person. If you'd like to celebrate more than one person, simply return to this page and make additional gifts. 


Just answer the questions below about your gift and the person you're celebrating, and we'll do all the rest! 

Once you complete the donation page and make your gift, our office will immediately begin the process of placing the digital bookplates. We'll then notify your recipient of your special tribute by sending them an exclusive keepsake with instructions on how to view the bookplate(s) in the University Libraries' online catalog. We'll also email you those instructions so you may see them, too! 

Thank you for choosing to celebrate someone special and supporting the University of Arkansas Libraries in this way! 


Can anyone make a gift to a FundRAZOR project?

Absolutely, and please do. While projects must originate from U of A students, faculty and staff, anyone can support these amazing projects. 


Are FundRAZOR gifts tax-deductible? 

A resounding yes. You'll receive an instant confirmation email, and an official U of A gift receipt will arrive a few days after you make your gift.


Can my employer match my gift?

They sure can! Matching gifts increase the impact of your gift. If you need any help with your company's process, please email matching@uark.edu.


What if I have additional questions?

Call (479) 575-2944 or email giveback@uark.edu. We're here to help!

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