Walton College Emergency Need-Based Scholarship Fund

We have raised $188,910 so far for Walton students! 

Walton College is Supporting Students Through Unexpected Challenges

We are grateful for your caring support of the University of Arkansas and our shared value that higher education transforms lives. Funds are urgently needed to ensure that students are able to continue their college experience, even in non-traditional ways. The Walton College Need-Based Scholarship Fund supports students with unexpected and emergency needs. Most recently, these funds have been awarded to students with financial challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Walton College forges forward, providing learning opportunities that foster student success and have broad impact on the future of our state and economy. Your partnership in this effort is needed now, more than ever.


How You Can Help

We are raising funds to help bring relief to students who wish to continue their education either online or in person and prevent the disruption of their college career. By making a gift to the Walton College Need-Based Scholarship Fund effort, you help meet an urgent need. Your contribution has direct impact on students affected by the COVID-19 crisis, or another unexpected crisis, who want to continue attending Walton College but have encountered a barrier.



Unprecedented Need Related to COVID-19

COVID-19  has caused major disruptions in the lives of our students. The uncertainty of what the next several months will look like, compounds this disruption.


Loss of income, both from students and parents, is the single-most disrupting factor many families are experiencing. For example, hundreds of Walton College students rely on the hospitality industry and on-campus employment for income. Many of these same students pay their own tuition or subsidize their cost of living with part-time or full-time jobs. These jobs are now virtually non-existent. 


Your gift helps advance our mission of transforming lives by ensuring Walton College students continue on their path to degree attainment.



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